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TM Tilt Conveyor module

The Omni Automation TMTC is a gravity roller conveyor that mounts on top of the MiR 100 or MiR 200 Mobile Robot. The unique feature of the TMTC is that the conveyor tilts, using an electric actuator, to either discharge cargo or to receive cargo. When the mobile robot with the TMTC top modules arrives at a docking station the actuator raises the gravity conveyor to cause the cargo to slowly roll off the top module onto a docking station. When the mobile robot with a TMTC top modules arrives at a docking station to receive cargo the top actuator lowers the conveyor to receive cargo. When in transport mode the top module is in the lowered posture to keep the cargo from moving. The MiR 100 or 200 robot with a TMTC top module can autonomously transport product, materials, supplies, parts or good in Manufacturing Facilities, Institutions and Warehouses.

When the mobile robot arrives at a destination the conveyor top modules is signaled through a Wi-Fi or Bluetooth data interface to either unload the cargo or to receive the cargo. Sensors on the TMRC top module signal the MiR robot to continue on its mission once the cargo is received or discharged.

Using additional sensors, the TMTC can be programmed to discharge or receive multiple loads at a single or multiple destinations. These top modules can discharge or receive loads from existing conveyor systems using our ORP Interface module. We also offer motorized roller docking conveyors that will communicate directly with the TMRC top modules for a Plug & Play installation.

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